Smoke Ring Days


Barbarian Lovers

Neon Nocturne

Barbarian Lovers
R.Eppedio/C.R.Keyser-Posner © Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


Neon Nocturne

I walk the streets at night
Move to the neon nocturne
Beneath the billboard light
Darkness so bright that it burns
You can't see, only feel, so surreal


Beneath night's cover
We can dare to dance our dreams
When all we know's no more
Yet all is what it seems

The night will take you over
Penetrate your soul
Just like a moonlight lover
Night claims the right to control

Echoing in the night
Footsteps in swift staccato
Sound pans from left to right
Like gunshot volley follow
Ringing on from beyond safety's song

Between the evening's edge
And night's eternal madness
Tightrope across the ledge
That leads from sane to sadness
In between the serene and obscene