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I Don't Listen (When People Talk)

Rick Eppedio/C.R. Keyser - Posner copyright smokesongs ASCAP


I Don't Listen (When People Talk)

Please lead me on
Can't you tell that I want you
Even though some say it's wrong

But then, hey, who the hell are they
To tell me what to think and feel
Just 'cause they are so afraid


I don't listen when people talk
Wasted words unkind
I'll tell the others to take a walk
If you'll be mine

Please lead me on
I've been staring at you
'Bout the whole night long

And so, hey, baby, what you say
Forget the rules, they don't mean a thing
I'll play any game you say


All my life I've listened to
The things my own heart said
When you looked in my direction, knew
That I should go ahead

And so please lead me on
Never knew my desire for you'd
Ever be so deep and strong

And so, hey, now c'mon let's play
If you want me, too, doesn't matter who
Sees us turn and walk away