Smoke Ring Days


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Under Your Spell

Rick Eppedio/C.R. Keyser - Posner copyright smokesongs ASCAP


Under Your Spell

Was it by fate you came to me
Some ancient act of destiny
That filled me up and set me free

You reached for me with shaking hand
With just one touch you can command
This feeling I can't understand


Time after time, baby
I lose my mind
My love is blind
I can't see since I fell Under your spell

From far away your face I see
So many things that just can't be
Can't tell what's real from fantasy

On sanity's steep ledge I poise
Alone at night I hear your voice
You call to me and leave no choice

The web you weave so dark and fine
Leaves me so willingly entwined
Come mark me with love's carnal sign

Love's sweet seduction is now whole
Without a word you take control
Possess my mind, enslave my soul