Smoke Ring Days


Sinfonia Electronique

City of Burning Ash (vocal version)

Sinfonia Electronique
Smokesongs Ltd ASCAP


City of Burning Ash

Once the sky was dark and overcast
We could see no light
Hopelessness amidst the underclass
Quelled our will to fight

For a better way for everyone
And an end to strife
When from out of nowhere rose the one
Gave our cause a life


And like the phoenix
This bird will rise
Fly from the ashes
To light the skies

Ever the hero
Always the fair
Fighting injustice
He shall be there

Some are born to battle overseas
He to help us here
When the world has brought us to our knees
You know he’ll be there

There are those who spend eternities
Searching to find gold
To secure our freedom and our peace
Is his only goal