Smoke Ring Days


Smoke Ring Days

Badlands Suite: Jump in the Water/Bonnie and Clyde

Smoke Ring Days
R.Eppedio/C.R.Keyser-Posner/ © Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP



1. Jump in the Water

She was drunk on the springtime when he came along
And he knew all the words to her favorite song
Was a feeling too new to be right or go wrong
And all that was sure was that soon they'd be gone

Jump in the water, yeah, pull me in
Hold on tight, it's all right to sin
Moon's high above us shining all around
Take a vow, show me how, can't wait now
And I'm going down

He was searching for something in somebody's soul
And he knew when he found it he'd finally be whole
All the tears and the fears they no longer did toll
Once he looked in her eyes and he lost all control

They were childish and childlike and children at heart
And their love lit a life that was light years apart
And from that magic moment they never did part
Held together forever by fate's fatal dart

2. Bonnie and Clyde (On the Run)

When they started their journey it was just for the thrill
But before it was done they'd thieve and kill
To the laws they were poison, maddest dogs of their day
For the deed had been done him they'd all pay

In their hearts, knew their mission was just slow suicide
Still, they vowed to get even 'til they died
There was hardly a law man left to stand in their path
Anyone with a badge did feel their wrath

Two love-struck desperadoes traveling on that dim road
Leaving many an answer left unknown
For a shower of bullets rained on their final ride
And they died in their glory, side by side