Smoke Ring Days


Smoke Ring Days

Head in the Sand (extended mix)

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Smoke Ring Days
C.R.Keyser-Posner/R.Eppedio © Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


Head in the Sand

Do you think if you close your eyes it will all go away
You crawl back to bed and you cover your head
It seems you have nothing to say
I want to know who chose the lies that you live with each day
It's time for the piper to pay

And there is just one thing I can't understand
As you sit there so sure in your youth
How long can you live with your head in the sand
Without someone breathing the truth

You know what I'm about, but still tune me out with disgust
The safety you find in your smug, small-town mind
Is about to be blown into dust
No time to prance and pout, this dance is of sadness, not lust
Be careful of those whom you trust

Do you think if you close you eyes.....
It will all go away