Smoke Ring Days


Smoke Ring Days

Lord, Let Me Live Again

Smoke Ring Days
C.R.Keyser-Posner/R.Eppedio © Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


A spiritual song about wanting a second chance in life.


Lord, Let Me Love Again

If we have only one life to live
We must restore and reach outward and give
For we can endure, reassure, and forgive
Oh Lord, let me live again
And, oh Lord, let me live again

Here in a world made of brick and stone
I get so tired of being alone
Here in my house I feel so far from home
Oh Lord, let me love again
And, oh Lord, let me live again

All I ask, all I ask
Is something to make me feel
Just a sign, just a sign
To let me know I'm real

If you could would you show your hand
Let me know there's a master plan
And, oh Lord, won't you let me live and love again

Let me love again