Smoke Ring Days


Smoke Ring Days

New Millenium Blues

Smoke Ring Days
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New Millenium Blues

You’ve gotta change your way of thinking
If you wanna make it in the modern world

Change, change, got to change your brain, now

You’ve got to switch the way you’re thinking, baby
If you wanna make it with a modern girl

Switch your head up, baby, turn your mind on
Wrap your thinking ‘round the new millennium

Within your shell you know you just may find a pearl

You’ve gotta walk it like you talk it
If you want to live a life that’s free

Keep walkin’ if all you’re doin’ is talkin’

You’ve got to put yourself on out there, baby
So folks will take you seriously

Put it out there, show us all that you care
Don’t go actin’ like you’ve done that and been there

For in the dark you know none but the blind can see

You’ve got to get hip to the zeitgeist
If you’re gonna keep up with the changing times

Zig zag, don’t be such a drag, man

You’ve got be one with the cosmos, baby
Before fate stops and drops that dime

Make peace with everyone you meet, now
I’ve got your back, babe, and it sure is lookin’ sweet

Speak the truth transcendent and your star will climb