Smoke Ring Days


Smoke Ring Days

Poisoning the Well

Smoke Ring Days
Smokesongs Ltd.


Poisoning the Well

We wasted time
Feeding our minds
With things we’d never need
Truth left unsaid, we filled our heads
With falsehoods and with greed

And though we tried
To live the lie
Which, by and by, we chose
Despite the spin
We could not win
The emperor had no clothes

Selling our souls to gain control
Buying into the lies we tell
Drink up and die
It’s you and I
Poisoning our own well

And now from birth
We base our worth
On those who spark and shine
Despite the fact that they may lack
That thing we call a mind

So, mesmerized
Our inner guides
Are blinded by the light
And, wander’ing ‘round the darkness, drown
In endless waves of trite

We’ll burn like sun
For number one
We’ll let the seas run dry
And go from warm to hot to gone
All while denying why

We’ll spray the skies
To kill the flies
Despite the evidence
We’ll seal our fate and suffocate
How can this all make sense

Selling our souls we lose control
Buying into the lies they sell
Drink up and die
It’s you and I
Poisoning our own well