Smoke Ring Days



Be a Good Show

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Be a Good Show

Move like you want it, my baby
Prove that you’re mine
Dance like you’re doing it, baby
Low, with no spine
Get into the deal and do whatcha feel
Cause when it comes to turning me on you know you’re so unreal
Groove slow, cause we know
If you can’t be good then be a good show

Lean like you mean it, my baby
Dream til it’s real
Touch me like you wanna break me
Harder than steel
Then cool it, you know - go slower than slow
Cause when it comes to fixing this mix just turn the speed on low
Hold tight, all right
And go with the flow, we’ll go it all night

Love like you need it, my baby
Just like the air
Hold me and know that you want me
Show me you care
Let your loving flow, and then let it go
And what you do will come back to you, just trust that it is so
Easy, you’ll see
If you take it slow, the feeling is free