Smoke Ring Days



Better C'mon

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Better C’mon

Baby, when I see you comin’ I don’t know what to do
Don’t know if I should be runnin’ or run on back to you
You say want me there beside you throughout the thick and thin
How come ‘never we’re together feels like our love’s a sin

Better c’mon, whoa c’mon, baby c’mon, yeah c’mon
Better c’mon, whoa c’mon, yeah c’mon, oh my baby
Better c’mon, whoa c’mon, oh my baby
Better c’mon, whoa c’mon, oh my baby

Baby, though I’ve heard around that your heart belongs to me
Don’t know if I should believe it or let that rumor be
They say, hey c’mon now baby, let rich guy care for you
How come always feelin’ maybe, how can our love be true

Baby, well you may have cash, but my stash is not for sale
Don’t know what you’re tryin’ to prove, but your moves are gettin’ stale
I say, better lay it out and just shout out where you stand
How come I don’t know for sure as to whether you’re my man