Smoke Ring Days



Brand New Day

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Brand New Day

Please, please tell me what they’re worth
The rights we had at birth
Just where have they all gone
It’s all gone wrong

And why, do we march off to die
Without a reason why
For whose sake do we go
I need to know

When, will justice finally see
It’s up to you and me
To lead her to the light
Make it all right

And give, from that place deep inside
That still recalls with pride
A place under the sun
Where we were one


Please, lift up your voice in song
Been silent far too long
It’s time to right the wrong
And hey, it’s a brand new day

Hope, to hear the sweet refrain
Of freedom freed from chains
The sweetness of her song
Waiting so long

And pray, that it will all work out
Raise up your voice and shout
There is a better way
And it’s our day