Smoke Ring Days



Do You Not Know Why

R.Eppedio/C.R.Keyser-Posner Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


Do You Not Know Why

Oh, baby, do you not know why
Whoa, baby, do you not know why
If you ever were to leave me
I'd fall down on my knees and I'd cry


Wrong man's like a mountain that some women got to climb
But such a tricky trip Will leave you old before your time
But when it's right, well, there's no need to fuss and fight
'Cause there ain't nothin' feels so good
As bein' understood and held in the night

Oh, baby, never do you wrong
Whoa, sweet baby, never, ever do you wrong
Don't you know that it's you,
Say you do, 'cause you know we belong

Oh, baby, love you like the sun
Whoa, my baby, like a meltin', molten sun
And I'm burnin' for you
Like I never thought I'd love anyone