Smoke Ring Days



Good Man

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Good Man

Somehow, somewhere you left the track
And now I've got to get you back
I will use all of my lovin' force
To get you to stop and stay the course

Cause you're a good man
Down on your luck, but you'll be lifted up
Yes, you're a good man
You won't be denied and I'll be by your side

Someone, somehow led you astray
Led you on, got gone, left you to pay
Wouldn't leave, my love,
I'm here for good
Cause for sure, amor, it's understood

That you're a good man
Meant to be one, our love won't be undone
Yes, you're a good man
I won't be denied, you'll be my joy and pride

Someday, someway,you'll be all right
Until then I'll work with all my might
To have and hold your hand in mine
To help you to stand and walk that line

For you're a good man
Precious and rare, with a woman who cares
Yes, you're a good man
We won't be denied, we'll be soul satisfied