Smoke Ring Days



Heartbreaker (#9)

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Heartbreaker (#9)

I thought we’d be as one, my love, when we got old
The vow was 'til death do us part
You left me waiting in the aisle while I grew cold
Down to the bottom of my heart

What’s it gonna take to break you, heartbreaker
When you’re off your guard the game will begin
Make just one mistake, you lyin’ love taker
Then you will pay hard for the wage of your sin

An empty, blackened void as deep and dark as ash
Was all that I had left inside
You took my love from me and treated it like trash
Strangled my soul until it died

Someday, someone will make you feel the way I do
They’ll take your love, then take you out
One shell and straight to hell, for I will have my due
Beyond the shadow of a doubt