Smoke Ring Days



Hell to Pay

R.Eppedio/C.R.Keyser-Posner Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


Hell to Pay

I heard it all from a friend
The words that you wouldn't say
Babe, from beginning to end
I knew it all, but in a thrall I stayed

Like being frozen in time
Or having feet made of clay
I turned away from your crime and I looked around
But I stood my ground today


And how're you gonna face us now
How you gonna make things right
What d'you visualize behind those eyes
When you're lying in bed at night

How're you gonna work it out
Will it ever be okay
Tell me, was the price of your sweet vice
Worth it all now there's hell to pay
Hell to pay

We worked so hard
Each and every day
But when we let down our guard
You blew it all, you threw it all away

And now you're acting the clown
As if this all were a play
Before the curtain comes down you'll trip and fall
There'll be no call today

You tell me that you will change
Won't ever hurt me again
But now your touch feels so strange
Though I don't know why, oh, how can we try, and when

Will all the fear disappear
And darkness ease from my mind
I know that one thing is clear, that for love to live
Oh, I must forgive and find