Smoke Ring Days



The Mad Lord of Blackwood Green

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


The Mad Lord of Blackwood Green

Black knight
Grey steed
They bleed
‘Neath night’s sky

Dark rite
Deep need
Take heed
Death rides nigh


Come the nightfall there will be madness
A whole world of suffering and sadness
Dark, demonic, ever-transcending
Spiraling downward, never-ending

Mortals meet where wise men would not tread
Full of fear and feelings of dull dread
Still they come, spurred on that the winning
Cheats the Mad Lord’s ghostly grinning

Thrust knife
Trust none
Game won
Next in line

Lost life
Brief run
Sweet son
Bitter wine

Moon’s rise
Mount falls
Crow calls
Mad lord’s leap

Last cries
Death thralls
Face palls
E’er to sleep