Smoke Ring Days




R.Eppedio/C.R.Keyser-Posner Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP



We slowly walk the silent ledge
Drawn ever closer to the edge
By lessons we have failed to learn
‘Til past the point of no return
With eyes cast fast toward the ground
As you look up and gaze around

Well, you trip, but don’t fall, ‘cause you wake from it all
First you’re there, then you’re here, in between disappears
And the damp on your brow melts away in the now
And you know, yes, you know, this is how
We go travelling

As you reach out your hand to mine
Our fingers desperate to entwine
And build a bridge through time and space
To find that safe and silent place
Where mournful cries are never heard
And lullabies without a word

Are sung into the wind, and then blown back again
Like a prayer, like a moan, every sound ever known
And the sad in your soul slowly loses control
And you know, yes, you know, to take hold
And go travelling

So close your eyes, fall into me
And realize all that you can be
Is here and now, and within your grasp
I’ll show you how, there’s no need to ask
Just trust the truth, it’ll light the way
For soon the proof will shine bright as the day

And you’ll know in your heart it was there from the start
On the tip of your tongue from the time you were young
Though you had not the words, somehow you were still heard
And you know, yes, you know, you were stirred
To go travelling