Smoke Ring Days



Waiting for You

Smokesongs ltd. ASCAP


Waiting for You

Here in my lair I just sit and I stare
It is all I can do, ‘cause I’m waiting for you
Safe in my room be it sunshine or gloom
I’m not happy or blue, I’m just waiting for you.

Time crawls, the clock it ticks not at all
Four walls, oh, how they long for your call

Slumped in my chair I’m as still as the air
Have you even a clue that I’m waiting for you
Alone with my meal I don’t think, I don’t feel
It congeals just like glue while I’m waiting for you

Time crawls, as dark descends down the hall
Four walls wait for your footsteps to fall

Watching TV, it means nothing to me
World War I, World War II, I’m still waiting for you
Lying in bed, with one thought in my head
Hold my breath ‘til I’m blue while I’m waiting for you

Time crawls, the silence deafening all
Four walls have never felt quite as small