Smoke Ring Days



William and Marie's Prayer

R.Eppedio/C.R. Keyser-Posner Smokesongs Ltd. > ASCAP


William and Marie's Prayer
(in loving memory of William Keyser and Marie Eppedio)

We can see you, almost near now
Gliding softly, without sound
Moving silent midst the mist fall
Hovering over hallowed ground

Let us sing with celebration
Your arrival so to mark
Love and laughter warmly greet
The sight of your celestial ark

Have you missed us as we've missed you
Here within our waiting hearts
Longing to be reunited
Still so close, yet worlds apart

We have watched you from a distance
Wished you joy in all you've done
Prayed for peace to always find you
Rising tide to setting sun

We have walked within your footsteps
Danced with you in happiness
Dried your tears in times of sorrow
Lingered in that last caress

Now, with arms outstretched, we welcome
You whom we so dearly love
Here, at last, in peace forever
Earth below to life above