From the recording Light (Candle in the Dark)


Light (Candle in the Dark)

We can wait here on a miracle
We can waste another day
Holding out the hope that a change will come
That will take our pain away

We can raise our eyes to the heavens high
Praying for a better fate
But the only thing that I’m certain of
Is we’ll grow old while we wait


We’ve been waiting
We’ve been here for all these years
Despite the hating
No more waiting
Now the fear of all those years
Is finally fading

We have/For we’ve tread in place, ‘fraid of making waves
Trying to keep our heads above
In the sea of lies of those who despise
Who we are or how we love

But/And the time has come now to sink or swim
'Fore we wash upon the beach
Through the ebbing tide lies a better way
That at last is in our reach


You can cry for years
Shed a sea of tears
Drowning out your sacred spark
Or light a single candle in the dark