From the recording Poisoning the Well


Poisoning the WellWe wasted timeFeeding our minds With things we’d never needTruth left unsaid, we filled our heads With falsehoods and with greedAnd though we triedTo live the lieWhich, by and by, we choseDespite the spinWe could not winThe emperor had no clothesChorus:    Selling our souls to gain controlBuying into the lies we tellDrink up and dieIt’s you and IPoisoning our own wellAnd now from birthWe base our worthOn those who spark and shineDespite the fact that they may lackThat thing we call a mindSo, mesmerizedOur inner guidesAre blinded by the lightAnd, wander’ing ‘round the darkness, drownIn endless waves of triteWe’ll burn like sunFor number oneWe’ll let the seas run dryAnd go from warm to hot to goneAll while denying whyWe’ll spray the skiesTo kill the fliesDespite the evidenceWe’ll seal our fate and suffocateHow can this all make senseSelling our souls we lose controlBuying into the lies they sellDrink up and dieIt’s you and IPoisoning our own well