1. Rabbit Hole

From the recording Rabbit Hole


Rabbit Hole

Deep down inside I could not hide the clock that counted down from lonely
I heard the ring and everything was suddenly about you only
Right from the first time that I gazed into your eyes
Something within me woke and made me realize
All that I’ve come to feel now fills my very soul
You are the one, my stars and sun
And here within your arms I lose control
And fall down the rabbit hole

Winter to spring, and everything was growing big and getting taller
I took a pill and drank my fill and in an instant all seemed smaller
I stirred my coffee while the others sipped on tea
And peered above my cup to find your eyes on me
And by the time I looked away my drink was cold
But, strangest brew, a fever grew
The sparks that flew, like steps on hottest coal
Led me down the rabbit hole

So we go round and round
Beneath the ground    
Around the rabbit hole
Yeah, we go round and round
We’re lost, then found
And bound to lose control

Warm wasted days spent in a haze, for me your passion is a potion
Drunk on your love, below’s above no longer seems so daft a notion
For since you’re here with me my world’s turned upside down
You are an ocean in which I would, willing, drown
Submerged forever in this bliss my only goal
And as the shore becomes no more
My final breath I’ll gladly give as toll
To go down the rabbit hole