From the recording Raging Heart - REMASTER


Raging Heart

A thousand pools of light reflected in your eyes
All of them burning bright, that look I so despise
Still don't know why you want to come here anyway
We burned that bridge of sighs and called that dog a day


Hey, oh, your raging heart, it ain't a part of me no more
Don't you come around here, oh no, hey, oh

Don't speak of love, your words all fall upon deaf ears
Angels above may weep, I haven't cried in years
And don't beg me please, because it's become such a bore
Get off your knees, you're leaving bloodstains on the floor

Telephone telling me your dreams are full of death
Seems you want sympathy, my love, don't hold your breath
Oh, after all these years, what did you think you'd find
No pillar of salt here, I never looked behind