Sleeping With Open EyesNow the cold war is over and we've laid down our armsPrayed for peace to surround us, but we haven't disarmedJust what sort of solution can be raised from the dustThat we kicked from beneath us in our years of distrustChorus:I know there's no way to go back into the pastFor what was left there we could never findI want to put my faith in something that will lastAnd Lancelot still lives within my mindIs it nation for nation, is it you against meIf I ease my position will I soon cease to beIf we change the conditions, will we still strategizeHow to keep the advantage, sleeping with open eyesYes, the cold war has melted, can we live in the sunIf we bask in its warmth, will our work come undoneWill the lessons we learned here all be quickly forgotAs we try to return to what was Camelot