From the recording Things Are Gonna Get Better


Things Are Gonna Get Better

I never knew your eyes were blue
Until I caught you crying
Standing by the house that had been home

And in a moment I knew
It hit me just like the blue
That all the hope you’d held onto was gone


Things are tough now
Someday they’re gonna get better
I can’t say when, but somehow
Some way they’ll be better


Have a little faith in faith alone
Let it be your strength when all else is gone

I never knew that loving you
Would make me feel so lonely
As though I wasn’t really here at all

I cannot change who you are
Yet still I’ve clung on this far
Waiting for the other shoe to fall

I never knew that losing you
Would leave my life in pieces
Lying sharp and shining on the floor

And though they warned not to touch
I never wanted so much
To feel the pain until I felt no more