From the recording (Welcome to the) New Revolution


Welcome to the New Revolution

The times may be a changin'
But they're only getting worse
And he who walks the last in line
Can't even see the first
We're being cut from every side'
Til all we know's it hurts


And there's gotta be change, change, change
We're talkin' 'bout a change, change, change
Our minds we've got to rearrange
And I say
Welcome to the new revolution
Can you feel it?
Our time has come
One for all, we'll find a solution
So, welcome to the new revolution

Well, those who came before us
Built this land on sweat and tears
They sowed their dreams of better lives
Into the soil for years
But instead of fields of plenty
We are left with only fears

What will our children's children find
When they lift up the stone
The legacy we leave behind
Should light their way back home
Instead, we curse the darkness
And grow bitter to the bone