1. Ghosts of War

From the recording Ghosts of War


Ghosts of War

Once I ran and played
The days were filled with light and order
TV plays and joking
Till I heard my mother call
Peaceful memories fade
Now, gaze fixed on revenge and slaughter
All ablaze and smoking
I am ash, a deathly pall

No one knew my name
And none recalled the celebration
When my mother bore me
Was no longer someone’s son
Then the rebels came
Undone, alone, I joined their nation
Did not look before me
At the future yet to come

Warm beneath the sun
I froze at sounds of war approaching
Scattered screams, then silence
Which was worse I can’t recall
Tried to move, to run
But close the hounds of Death encroaching
Shattered dreams and violence
Black as night, now naught at all