Ibiza Sunrise (With You I'm Free)

Oh baby, here comes the morning
Look out, a new day is dawning
Shake it awake, stop your yawning
Now is near
Pale moon retreats like a ghost dove
We should be making the most of
A place so set up to host love Get in gear


Your love is warm as the sunrise
Bright as the lovelight in your eyes
Sweet as the sound of hello S
weeping me up in the flow
Right here's where I wanna be
There's nothing better to me
With you I'm free

Warm sunshine painting the daybreak
In time with each breath that we take
Move to the groove, it's no mistake
We are here
So close our chakras are touching
Go slow, there's no need for rushing
Whoah, no, this love is a lush thing
Deep and dear

After a season of storming
You came along without warning
Changed up my life, now sun's pouring
Sweet and clear
Our lives have been laced together
Two bodies bound up forever
Two souls with love as the tether
Holding near