From the recording On Through the Night


On Through the Night

Cruising on through the night
Dark stillness, stars are few
I’ve got to get to him
Before the day breaks through
There’s mystery in the night
Only he holds the clue

And when you go to her
Why don’t you think of me
How does my image blur
For you so easily
Why doesn’t it occur
To you someone might see

Moving against the moon
Its motion marks the time
I’ve got to get there soon
Oh, I must stop the crime
Possession paints the night
Doesn’t she know he’s mine

Shadow is my disguise
I’ve learned to wear it well
I must confront the lies
That only lovers tell
Truth trysts within the night
How can I break the spell

© Richard Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner/Smokesongs Ltd.