Light (Candle in the Dark)We can wait here on a miracleWe can waste another dayHolding out the hope that a change will comeThat will take our pain awayWe can raise our eyes to the heavens highPraying for a better fateBut the only thing that I’m certain ofIs we’ll grow old while we wait
Chorus:WaitingWe’ve been waitingWe’ve been here for all these yearsDespite the hatingWaitingNo more waitingNow the fear of all those yearsIs finally fadingWe have/For we’ve tread in place, ‘fraid of making wavesTrying to keep our heads above In the sea of lies of those who despiseWho we are or how we loveBut/And the time has come now to sink or swim‘Fore we wash upon the beachThrough the ebbing tide lies a better wayThat at last is in our reachYou can cry for yearsShed a sea of tearsDrowning out your sacred sparkOr light a single candle in the dark