1. The Power

From the recording The Power


The Power

If I had, oh, if I could
Turn this bad on into good
Take the wrong and make it right
But I don’t know what to say
Make the pain all go away
Not for long

If I knew from where to start
Take the hurt from out our hearts
I’d work long all day and night
‘Til the light within our souls
Shines so brightly we will know
We belong

Who decides what’s right or wrong
And what divides the weak from the strong
When worlds collide, where will we belong
Set fear aside, let love guide us along

Well, it seems a simple thought
That a man cannot be bought
To be sold should not be fate
There are those who disagree
Who feel some should not be free
They are wrong

Until we are all as one
Full of hope for everyone
We must hold out ‘gainst the hate
And unite to make a change
End the fighting and proclaim
We belong

© Richard Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner/Smokesongs Ltd.