Peace in My Soul

Somedays you doubt whether he cares
And if you need would she be there
Wondering as you keep on
What would it be like to be gone
So desperate to find direction
One that you pray leads the way home

If you cry ‘cause life hurts
Close your eyes and just try these words

Well, there are few things in life I really need
To make me feel free and whole
Just bring some hope to my heart, joy to the world
And give me peace, peace in my soul

What is our place on this planet
Just trying to understand it
Is an undertaking
We spend our whole lifetime making
Looking for that one connection
Who lets us know we can go home

And we cry ‘cause we’re heard
Lift our eyes and reprise these words

And as the day turns to evening
We feel the fear in us leaving
Deep within the dark night
We know that all will be all right
Perfect in our imperfection
Just look around, we have found home

When we cry in relief
Don’t ask why, just be real, believe

© Richard Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner/Smokesongs Ltd.