New Year’s Song (In This New Year)

There’s cold in the air ‘neath a silvery moon

And the calendar says it will be New Year’s soon

Well, maybe tonight there’ll be white snow on ground

But nothing is right here without you around

How can we make things right

Lay our arms down in this fight

Find a way to find the way to what we share

Raise the rock and there below

Words so simple all should know
Peace on Earth’ my friend-not-foe

In this New Year

Two years since they came and you left for the war

Each day I awake still I’m cut to the core

We breathe through the bombfall and keep up the fight

No words midst the violence this unsilent night

Oh, love of my life, will I ever gaze more
On your face so familiar, now lost in this war

Will our children’s children live on to relate

All the cost of man’s greed, all the loss borne of hate

© Richard Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner/Smokesongs Ltd.