From the recording CHANGE



We’re wasting time on the firing line
The way we did in days gone past
Though each one we swore there would be no more
And prayed that it would be the last

Like a marathon, it goes on and on
It seems we’ll never near the end
While we may gain ground, unless all stand down
Be nothing left here to defend

Change, start over, overcome the sadness
Change, gotta keep our heads above the pain
Change, there’s no need to keep embracing madness
Change, we can lead with love and be the change

An ancient story, devoid of glory
Whose aim is to annihilate
How can freedom flower if the ones in power
Encourage us to act in hate

Why should we have rights when the ones we fight
Are much the same as us within
And in just whose name is this endless game
With every loss there’s less to win

Well, we’ve lost so long and we’ve all been wrong
Unsure of how to set things right
Though we’re brokedown tired, won’t let hope expire
Together we can end this fight

© Richard Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner/Smokesongs Ltd.